Blackwing 602, 12 Bleistifte mit Radierer, silber

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No one suspected that Eberhard Faber's Blackwing 602 would enjoy a large following among pencil enthusiasts when the American manufacturer stopped production in 1998. A short time later, the still existing copies were highly traded, so the also American, no less traditional stationery manufacturer Palomino decided to bring a modified new edition of the Blackwing. The learned (and unlearned) in the vastness of the digital world argue about the legitimacy of this succession, which is why we have formed a first-hand and personal opinion via distribution in the house and analogue use of the pen, which, despite all the shortcomings, was positive is: The pencil has proven to be a formidable writing and drawing tool. The only flaw that we don't want to leave unmentioned here is the construction and quality of the eraser: the ferrule does not fix it sufficiently, so that it slips back when erasing.

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