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„The most interesting stories are often times the ones that life serves us through daily interactions. It is the basis for my work, and the essence behind our company name pleased to meet“, says Daniela, who designs the illustrations behind the company. „In modern civilisation, time has become the most precious thing. We want to slow people down a little and make them smile. To get a handwritten note on a beautiful piece of paper instead of an email is a good example for this,“ she adds.

Daniela Koenn and Marcel Hornung met 1999 in New York when they were both still working for other design agencies, before starting their own. In 2004 they moved to Berlin where they designed their first holiday card collection as a side project for one of their former clients. From then on, they published an exclusive holiday collection every year, which was sold in a few selected stores. Soon they had a little group of followers. In 2010 they made their decision of taking the project to the next level, by fully committing to designing and distributing paper products. And that is when the journey started to become really fun!

„We both have two hearts beating: One that likes to travel and get inspired by other cultures and one that loves to spent time at home where it is cozy and quiet“, says Daniela. „I think that is visible in my designs. Life gives us plenty of inspiration and with two children of our own, we have an endles source of inspiration!“, she adds. Maybe this is why pleased to meet products often seem to built a bridge between adults and children.

Because of their backgrounds Marcel and Daniela are both very aware of materials and production processes. That is why every product seems to be produced with an extra bit of love. „We like to revive traditional bookbinding techniques with an extra twist to create something that is new, and of very high quality“ says Marcel. „The people we work with are all very dedicated and motivated. We know them well and meet them in person whenever possible. This is how we can make sure that every product is of first grade. We take an active part in the entire production process, starting with the design, to being on site when our products are being printed. Sometimes we still sit down ourselves with the team to help them pack cards or glue feathers. It is very hands-on here“, he adds.

Our signature style and the continued effort to always go the extra mile forms the base of our company. „I think what keeps our label authentic is that we are loyal to our style, but we are open towards new possibilities. From the onset we had the bigger picture of a lifestyle brand in mind. What started with a few greeting cards has developed into a collection of around 300 products ranging from stationary, all the way to home decor and accessoires. We are already curious, where the journey will take us next!“ says Marcel

pleased to meet products are currently sold in more than 600 stores across the globe. So keep your eyes open... you might be surprised where to find one of our greeting cards, wraping papers, books, cushions or cups!